Yale Model United Nations Conference China (YMUN China) 2017 will be hosted in Shanghai from August 17th – 20th. As a medium-sized conference of about 500 delegates, managed by 15 Yale Directors and Chairs, YMUN China is designed to give delegates the opportunity to gain a global perspective through close engagement with pressing issues in unique committees. The conference is special in the Chinese Model UN circuit as it draws both students from China and from many international delegations. Students engage with carefully curated international relations content, learn to understand and represent new viewpoints, and collaborate with peers both in and outside of committees. Since 2013, YMUN China has delivered the expertise and professionalism of our flagship conference in New Haven to a diverse audience abroad.

Focused on education and diplomacy, the conference provides students with the opportunity to learn, improve, and accomplish their goals in a collaborative environment. Our 12 committees tackle all sorts of global challenges, ranging from Foreign Direct Investment in Developing Nations to Statelessness in the Middle East and North Africa. We have also designated two committees, the WHO and SPECPOL, as novice committees in order to offer a more supportive environment for delegates who are new to Model UN. Similarly, we recognize that many experienced delegates prefer smaller and more intense specialized committees, and we have created four specialized committees to accommodate the most ambitious and experienced delegates.

The Yale Model UN China team is passionate about making the benefits of the American MUN experience, like the fast-paced UNA-USA procedure and collaborative resolution writing, available in China. We hope that our delegates bring the lessons they learned at YMUN China into their own academic careers, informing their passions to change the world for the better. Despite the challenges we are facing today as a global community, our delegates have given us nothing but confidence, and it is no small privilege to watch them come into their own. We eagerly await YMUN China 2017 and we hope to see you there!

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