November 26th, 2016

Dear Delegates and Advisors,

The Yale International Relations Association (YIRA) is thrilled to announce that the 2017 Yale Model United Nations Conference China (YMUN-China) will be hosted in Shanghai from August 17th – 20th. We believe in the power of Model UN to change lives, and we are all excited to continue our efforts to bring Model UN to a broader Chinese audience.

The Yale International Relations Association was founded in 1969 to promote the study and discussion of International Relations both in New Haven and around the world. Our two New Haven conferences, YMUN and SCSY, are now celebrating 40 years of success. In recent years we have started four additional conferences in countries around the world. YMGE, our conference in Budapest, is entering its sixth year, YMUN-Korea is entering its fifth year. YMUN-China is currently entering its fourth year. We will maintain our commitment to educational excellence that has defined our conference from day one, while expanding our reach to an even greater audience of students. In addition to the experience we have gained from the first three years, we’re bringing both increased passion and greater quality to this year’s conference.

Yale Model United Nations China celebrates the transformative power of a weekend spent engaging with issues of global importance, collaborating with other students, and challenging yourself to participate fully in committee. The benefits of participating in Model UN go beyond the awards given out during closing ceremonies. YMUN-China focuses on the importance of education and diplomacy. We provide students with the opportunity to learn, improve, and accomplish goals in a collegial, collaborative environment. We are so excited to bring the YMUN-China experience to 400 delegates in Shanghai this summer. Our growth in numbers will be matched by an even greater commitment to designing the best educational experience that Model UN can offer.

We are passionate about bringing the benefits of the North American Model UN experience to China. The importance of the US-China relationship in international relations has grown in past years and will continue to do so in the future. As the students who come to our conferences grow and become global leaders, we hope they will bring the lessons they learned participating in YMUN-China with them. We come to this conference as educators as well as committee directors. Under our guidance the students will have the opportunity to discuss global issues in a rigorous yet supportive environment and prepare to take their skills and knowledge into their futures.


Jonathan Simonds
Secretary-General YMUN-China 2017