August 11

How the World Is Run

  • World powers and their interests

  • Blocks

  • Important international institutions and how they run


August 12

Philosophy of International Relations and Politics

  • IR theory

  • Diplomacy and war

  • Role of ambassadors

Changes in the world

  • Globalization, trade, hegemony

  • EU + Brexit, etc.

  • Borders

  • Social media


August 13

War and Peace

  • WMD and MAD?

  • Iran, North Korea, Syria

  • Cyber warfare

International Terrorism

  • Causes of terrorism

  • Responses to terrorism: drones, bombings

  • Whose terrorism?

  • ISIS, Boko Haram


August 14


  • How effective is development aid?

  • What countries need to develop?

  • Ethics—should developing countries be allowed to pollute?

  • Can a developed country have inequality?

  • Funding (IMF, WTO, WBG)

Migration and Culture

  • Causes of crises that lead to migration

  • Integrating migrants/citizenship

  • Trade and human trafficking